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Anonymous asked: V:TES is my favourite games ever, that I don't own. Are you still looking to anything with it, or has it seen the light of day?


I don’t believe we have the license for VTES.

As I understand it, the rights are in limbo, caught up between Hasbro/WotC and CCP. There were some negotiations in the last few years, but they fell through, as did plans for POD. The place to keep up with it is

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the Shadowlands in Europe must be fucking terrifying

like, the oldest ghosts in the United States are maybe 300 years old at a stretch, and most are somewhat easy to understand even given the difference

contrast that with the millions of wartime and plague dead who died en masse, the massive number of ghosts who date all the way back to Rome and even earlier

I don’t even want to think about the wraiths of the Middle East 

I think that, on a dramatic level, that’s what the Maelstroms are for — they purge the Shadowlands and bring the population back down to a reasonable level.

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eponis asked: 1) Character: Natasha Romanova. 2) What is the game Spanish Omelette, anyway? Google was not enlightening.

1. We both spend a lot of time dressed in black. :) Issues of deception and loyalty are important to us. We worry over the consequences of hurt we’ve dealt out in our past. Friendship and honesty are things we prize, but are occasionally confused by.

2. “Spanish Omelette” — and I hope I got the name right — is a twenty-questions variant where every wrong “Is it X?” is answered by “No, but like X, it is Y,” and each “Y” must be distinct.

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The Hopkins and Allen Vest Derringer,

In the late 19th and early 20th century Hopkins and Allen was one of the three major manufacturers of cheap break top and pocket revolvers, competitors with Iver Johnson and Harrington & Richardson.  In 1911 Hopkins and Allen introduced a small single shot .22 short vest pistol that was an attempt to compete in a more highbrow market.  The Hopkins and Allen derringer was a simple break top derringer that could easily fit in the palm of ones hand.  At the time it was probably one of the smallest pistols on the market.  To make the pistol more compact, it lacked a trigger guard but feature a fold out trigger.

In an attempt to attract high class customers, every Hopkins and Allen vest derringer came complete with factory engraving, pearl grips, and a shiny brass Hopkins and Allen medallion.  As a result, the Hopkins and Allen derringer was significantly more expensive than pocket pistols of its type.  Unfortunately the Hopkins and Allen made the derringer too fancy.  People wanted cheap pocket pistols, fancy decorated derringers were not only too expensive, but were quickly worn down by rigors of pocket carry.  Hence, few people carried expensive, pretty, shiny pocket pistols knowing that they would become worn. In addition .22 short is one of the weakest calibers in production, hardly a manstopper, and the effectiveness of the Hopkins and Allen derringer was limited by its one anemic shot.  Production ended in 1915, with only 1,400 being produced.  Today they are very collectible, ranging in price from $1000 - $4,000 depending on condition.

Mssrs. Jobs and Ive present the iShot.

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send me a character and I’ll tell you one thing I have in common with them

I do not know all the fandoms, but I’ve enjoyed reading others doing this meme. Also, someone introduced me to the game Spanish Omelette, which is apparently very much like it,

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